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March 06 2014


Keep Talking to Girls

There's no limit of the things you can talk about when it comes to small talk. Think of having the ability to talk to anyone your key to the world of being social.

Make people like you and get them engaged in a good conversation about anything.  You won't believe how many good relationships started about something trivial like the weather. The bond you create with a person can easily start with a small talk.

The professionals use small talk all the time, too.

Just think of how often it happens. If you want to improve your making small talks then there are some things you can do. Yes, it does take some practice on your part but think of what it can do to your conversational skills if you can make small talk sexy .

If you want to improve and master making small talk, just read along. Surely, you've realized that one of the best way to improve is just conversing with people of all ages.

Talk to anyone that you came across with like your neighbors, waiters and cashiers. Talk to kids and other young folks to old men and women. If you happen to meet some tourists, go ahead and talk to them.

Even someone you often encounter can be a good conversation partner. You can get some good ideas from newspaper and magazine for some things you can talk about. Anything you can get your hands on can be a good source of things to talk about. 

Other great sources of small talk topics include television, music, sports, and fashion. Spend some time on the internet reading about the type of people you want to meet.

Even stories you've heard can be a good source of something to talk about. If you've been to many places, it's always good to know where you've been and get them excited. If you want to practice alone, you can use the mirror and talk there about random things.

The more varied topics and the more you can talk about the better.

Knowing about many things gives you ammunition when the time comes to talk. The best thing you can do to start is make yourself open for small talk.

Don't lean in too close to her. It can seem like you're overwhelming her which is not cool at all. If you already know her, you can just say hello and say her name. Being direct works this way and avoid making things complicated for yourself.

If you don't know her yet, just introduce yourself and be confident and in control. If you want to make her feel a little bit special, you can say her name every now and then if you know it.

Actually talk to her when you're talking to her. Give her the attention she deserves. Just remember to have some fun when you're talking with her. It's great when you can accomplish that with just about anyone you can talk to, really.

You should always be looking for something in common with her but don't force it. If she likes something and you like something then that's a good enough reason to talk about it. It can be something that she can relate to and make a connection with.

Know that anything you start out with can lead to something entirely new and exciting. When you can find a common interest, keep to it. Share something personal about yourself and elaborate on what you really mean to say. Of course, you don't want to be overly personal with her. Why would you? It's too soon.

Don't forget the thing should be positive even if it's not funny. Talk about what she likes to do or what she likes in general. When she's done talking, you can then continue on with another question or just a funny remark about her reply.

But try not to ask too many question to make her feel at ease and comfortable. This is not an interview that you have to barrage her with questions after questions. 

Give her some room to talk but maintain a proper balance between talking and asking. When she's talking more and more, then you can just think of the next thing to talk about. But don't forget that you still need to listen to what she says. 

Take your time and really listen to what she's saying when she's talking. It will lead you to more things you can talk about and even get the conversation more exciting and fun. 

Be sure you're listening intently so you wouldn't miss something important that could lead to somewhere good. Don't worry about talking too much just don't forget to listen.

You can make people keep on talking and talking if you can just listen to them. Letting others tell their own opinion will improve the quality of the discussion. Before you part ways, you'll know more things about her than most people do about you.

The experience alone will make her feel really good and the connection you've made with her will be stronger. If it goes well, suggest other times to talk and meet again or just mention a place you'll both be.

You can just tell her how much you like talking to her and how you'd like to talk again some time. When it's time to go, make sure you make her feel important. You'll never know when you see an opening for small talk. This will help you work on you confidence and overcoming your shyness.

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